What to do if a recent update removed your package repo access

If you updated on the 28th January or early 29th January, you probably got an update to xbps 0.59.1_3. After doing this update, you might have noticed that repo syncing no longer works, so you will not be getting any more updates.

This is because of an accident that happened when rebasing void-ppc’s void-packages fork changes. It is fixed in xbps 0.59.1_4 uploaded as of 29th January 14:30 CET, but it will not fix things for those who updated during the narrow window of breakage.

In order to unbreak your updates manually, go to /usr/share/xbps.d and edit your 00-repository-main.conf. The contents of the file should be just a URL. Change it from something like:




That is, you just have to prepend repository= to the URL. After that, you can sync again, update your xbps again, and then you should be able to install updates normally again.