The future of big endian in Void-PPC

As the maintenance has been taking a significant toll on my free time and infrastructure, I can no longer maintain the repositories as they are. I do not actively use the big endian ports and community participation in the last few years has not been strong enough to offset that.

That is why starting next year, the musl repositories for big endian (i.e. the ppc64-musl and ppc-musl) will be dropped.

The glibc versions will be retained for the time being, with the tentative date for their phasing out being January 2023.

In the meantime, if there is interest, the ports will be looking for a new maintainer. The new maintainer will have to provide the package builds as well as fix issues that come up. I will still be here to coordinate upstreaming of patches if needed. Hosting the resulting packages on the official mirrors can likewise be coordinated depending on the circumstances.

In case no maintainer is found, the repositories will be shut down without a replacement.

The little endian (ppc64le and ppc64le-musl) ports are not affected by this in any way. The experimental ppcle and ppcle-musl packages will likewise stay as they are minimal effort.